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Support IPJC - How You Can Be Involved

As a parish, school or community:

dotProvide an IPJC educational event for your parishioners, staff, students or community.

dotSchedule a speaker for your RCIA, social justice committee, or faculty.

dotJoin or host a Women's Justice Circle.

dotLink your community involvement in charity to justice through IPJC.

dotAsk your tithing committee to contribute to social justice through a donation to IPJC.

dotCall IPJC for resources - 206.223.1138.

dotBrowse our website for more information and resources.

As individuals:

dotPray for the IPJC mission.

dotParticipate in IPJC programs.

dotSubscribe to A Matter of Spirit.

dotRead and act on one of the IPJC Issues.

dotVolunteer at IPJC.

dotShare IPJC resources.

dotMake a tax-deductible donation to promote justice and peace.