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Plunge and Immersion

What is a "Plunge?"
To carry out our mission, IPJC seeks to develop tools for the empowerment of others, so that they can create structural social change.
A Plunge is an immersion experience in which participants experience together what life is like for persons who live on the margins of our society. Plunges also include opportunities for prayer and reflection on the causes of poverty, racism, and other injustices and on possible solutions to these problems. 

The Goals of a Plunge are:

to gain a greater awareness of the gospel call to service and justice
to join others in the community journey of discipleship, taking the twin steps of charity and social change
to address fears and dispel false myths about life on the margins of our society

to acquire leadership skills to:

  • debrief and share the Plunge experience with people at home, school and work
  • organize local service and justice experiences
  • enter (or reenter) the work force with a better sense of ministry


Who can take a Plunge?

Parishioners, parish staff members and teachers who wish to experience a renewal through a justice-oriented retreat
Young adults, especially those connected to a volunteer program like Jesuit Volunteer Corp who wish to expand their experience of service and community
RCIA catechumens and neophytes who wish to experience the Church in action for justice
High school students who wish to serve and act on their faith (e.g. as a supplement to Community Service classes)
Confirmation candidates who wish to explore the gospel call to service and justice more deeply