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DJF The Dialogue for Justice is a Seattle Archdiocesan-wide advocacy initiative to strengthen and enhance Catholic advocacy and public education in support of issues addressing the needs of poor people in our state by facilitating the engagement and coordination of participating Catholic parishes and organizations’ advocacy efforts.
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Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment. NWCRI is a regional collaborative venture of faithbased institutions committed to using their power as investors to shape a more just world. Read more

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Women's Justice Circles. A Northwest Collaboration for Empowerment of the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center and 15 ministries for women in the Pacific Northwest. Each Women's Justice Circle builds relationships among a diverse group of women; identifies and discusses issues affecting low-income women; develops leadership and organizing skills; and takes action to create a more just society. Read more ...

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Young Adult Programming (20's & 30's). Information on our Young Adult Justice Book Group, Parenting for Peace & Justice and other events. Read more ...

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Workshops & Retreats. We provide a wide range of events and speakers to support and deepen the work of justice, including Scripture-based retreats, social justice workshops, and RCIA. We can also design an event to fit your group's unique needs. Read more ...