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Just Us Reading - Young Adult Justice Book Group

Spring 2009 Book Group & Justice Action—Caring EconomicsBook Cover

Our Spring Book Group 2009 read The Real Wealth of Nations: Creating a Caring Economics by Riane Eisler, one of the plenary speakers at the Women's Convocation.

Her book asks the timely question – how can we create a new economic system that works for businesses, families and the planet?

We were inspired by the book and our discussions to share the story of the uncaring reality of the sex trafficking "industry" with other young adults and the larger community. In July 2009 our Just Us Book Group hosted a movie screening of the ground breaking sex trafficking documentary DEMAND., produced by Shared Hope International.

Young Adults Discuss Demand

After watching DEMAND., participants shared
how the film impacted them.

Andrea leads the disucssion

Andrea Ray-Alessio leads the group in a discussion of what
we can do to end human trafficking.

Winter 2007 Justice Action—Finding Common Ground
The Audacity of Hope, by Barack Obama inspired our group to create a community connection with young adults holding different social and religious perspectives.  We networked with a group from Mars Hill Church (Evangelical Christian Bible focused Church). 

In a marketplace of ideas the groups strove to evade debate and seek common ground on several issues.  The group dialogue focused the most attention on the environment.  A wide political spectrum was represented from “big government” to “hands off government.”

We exchanged teachings and traditions from our religious backgrounds and all agreed some regulation/intervention is necessary to help our country and the rest of the world be good stewards of the Earth.  As our conversation progressed we overcame some stereotypes and built a foundation of common ground that will nurture current grassroots efforts and future interactions.  

In 2006 the group discussed the book
Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini.