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How to make a WINNING video!

5 things to keep in mind:

clip11. The Talking Head!
We've all seen this; an interview with someone and all it shows is a close up of a head... for the whole interview! To avoid the "talking head" try to throw in some alternative video or pictures while the person is talking. Note: Look up "b roll". Make sure that the "b-roll" is somehow related to your interview.

clip 22. Earthquake Camera
Don't try to make your video look like the Blair Witch Project - most people don't like it when the camera jumps up and down and keeps moving. It can cause viewer distraction and sometimes even nausea! So unless you're trying to simulate an earthquake, use a tripod or another device to keep your camera still and peaceful.

3. Sound
clip 3Quiet on the set - clear audio is 50% of your video! This can be difficult without professional microphones and sound equipment. However, here are some tips to keep your audio track clean: when filming in a house, make sure stereos and televisions are turned off. When outside, try to film away from highways and construction. Background noise can be distracting! Note: Look up "ambient noise".

4: Subtitles
clip 4Sometimes clear audio is just impossible, or you are interviewing a person with a very strong accent. Whatever the case, if it is difficult to understand a person when s/he is speaking, use subtitles to help your audience understand the message. Hint: make sure your subtitles can be read too - not too big and not too small!


5: Mix it up!clip 5
Watch a newscast, short film, music video and more. Pay attention to how they use video to tell a story. You want to have variety in what you are showing, to keep the viewer interested and engaged. This is easier said than  done. Try to make a few different "cuts" of your video, show them to friends and family, and ask their opinion. This is where your creativity will shine!

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