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Women's Convocation

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Women's Convocation II:logo Tending the Sacred Fire

The second Northwest Catholic Women's Convocation gathered 2000 women and men in Seattle on April 27-28, 2001, to celebrate the many ways God lives and moves in our lives. As faith-filled women, we joined together for prayer, ritual and story; education and empowerment; celebration and transformation. Affirmed in our spirituality, we act for justice in our church and our world.

Convocation Transformation sheets collectively called for:
Advocacy and support for diversity in our church and our world.
Increased recognition, respect and visibility for women in church leadership and liturgical roles.

Ongoing education for spirituality and justice, including ways for women to become active in justice issues locally and globally.

Plenary speakers included Marie Chin, RSM, Diana Hayes, PhD, and Edwina Gateley, and 33 workshops featured national women presenters on multiculturalism, prayer, sexuality, Eucharist, conscience, ministry, feminist biblical spirituality, eco-justice, and women's faith journey.

Convocation follow up:
Purchase convocation small votive candles and notecards from IPJC at or 206-223-1138.
Borrow and/or purchase audio and video tapes of Convocation presenters