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Women's Convocation

General Information

Past Convocations

2005 Women's Convocation III

Keynote Speakers
Music of the Convocation is available from
IPJC at 206.223.1138 or
– Edwina Gateley
– Elizabeth Johnson, CSJ
Bernice Johnson Reagon
April 22-23, 2005

CDs, Videos and Cassettes of select speakers are available at IPJC: 206.223.1138

The Uprising of Hope that we experienced at the Northwest Catholic Women’s Convocation in April continues to bless us. We invited you to return to your families, communities and churches to be an Uprising of Hope. And you are!

Mission: The Northwest Catholic Women's Convocation gathers women to celebrate the many ways God lives and moves in our lives. As faith-filled women, we join together for:

Affirmed in our spirituality, we act for justice in our church and Earth community.

Annotated bibliography of the speakers for the
Northwest Catholic Women's Convocation III

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