Climate Change: Our Call to Conversion

The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center proudly presents our four-session process for faith communities around the topic of Climate Change! This booklet can be used for an adult education program, a small group during liturgical season, a follow-up to JustFaith, RCIA, or other community-based programs, or to gather a cross-generational group to share the process together. In response to the release of Laudato Si’, we also offer a Laudato Si’ Reflection Guide that comes with each booklet as both a summary of the Encyclical and supplement to the processes. Each session includes prayer, education, Catholic Social Teaching, analysis, discussion, signs of hope, and actions to take.

The four sessions include:
  • Our Earth Community
  • The Science of Climate Change: Call to Change Course
  • Ecological Conversion
  • Eco-Imagining Our Emerging Future

And now, Climate Change: Our Call to Conversion is available in three languages!
Order a copy today in English or French or download a copy now in Spanish.
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Booklet: $5

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