Food Equity

Members of NWCRI and ICCR work with companies in the food supply chain to create equitable, accessible and sustainable food systems that nourish people and planet.

One in three people in the world today is under-nourished or overweight. Obesity and diet-related chronic diseases including heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers are global pandemics, affecting countries of all income levels. At the same time, undernutrition continues to affect billions of people globally.2021 Access to Nutrition Index

We use our investor power to engage cereal, food and beverage, food retailers, fast food restaurants, and media companies in calling for more responsible nutrition. Our goals include:

  • Increase access among children and their families to healthy and affordable foods
  • Reduce children’s exposure to marketing of unhealthy foods and beverages
  • Reduce the US childhood obesity epidemic with a special emphasis on those children at highest risk, with least access to healthy affordable foods
Resources on Food Equity