Northwest Coalition for Responsible Investment

NWCRI is a regional collaborative venture of faith-based institutions committed to using their power as investors to shape a more just world. Learn More

Justice for Women

A Collaboration for Empowerment of the Intercommunity Peace and Justice Center and ministries for women. Each Women’s Justice Circle builds relationships among a diverse group of women; identifies and discusses issues affecting women who are low-income; develops leadership and organizing skills; and takes action to create a more just society. Learn More

Just Video Contest

Our Just Video Contest invites High School Juniors and Seniors to create a video that informs and inspires the audience to act on justice issues. Learn More

Youth Action Team Internships

Our Youth Action Team Internship is an opportunity for all High School Juniors and Seniors to grow in leadership in social justice. Learn More


Our collaborations include:
Creation Care Network
Collaborative Organizing for Racial Equity
Prophetic Communities
Restore Asylum Campaign
Solidarity With The Philippines
Racial Solidarity Network – please reach out to: Judy Byron, OP –

Questions on our programs contact us at or call 206.223.1138