Contemplative Dialogue Circles

The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center offers a new six-session process for faith communities on Contemplative Dialogue! We created the process for building community in the midst of polarizing times in our society and to promote dialogue among diversity in our churches. It is the call of our church and world to be promoters of dialogue and peace. The purpose of Contemplative Dialogue Circles is to enable communities to gather to learn and experience contemplation and engage in the practice of contemplative dialogue on the critical issues affecting our community and world. Contemplative Dialogue Circles are perfect for small faith groups who desire to respond to the issues of our day from a spiritual and contemplative ground, or Parish committees seeking to better understand, honor, and support one another. The six sessions include:


  • Contemplation & Dialogue for Transformative Living
  • Contemplation
  • The Practice of Contemplative Listening
  • Reflective Dialogue: Part 1
  • Reflective Dialogue: Part 2
  • Transformation

We hope that our Contemplative Dialogue Circle process will build community, be a catalyst for personal and communal transformation and assist you in contributing to the common good. For more information about our Contemplative Dialogue Circles, check out our brochure or download a Sample Session. To order the Contemplative Dialogue Circles, please email us or call 206.223.1138.