Just Video Contest

Create an original, dynamic video on social justice! The Intercommunity Peace & Justice Center’s Just Video Contest is an opportunity for all High School Juniors and Seniors. 2022 Just Video Contest Winners  – watch here!

Printable pdf with the details.

Submit Video

Upload your video to YouTube and fill out our ENTRY FORM!


Entries must be uploaded to YouTube by midnight April 17, 2023


Winning participants will receive prizes and will be posted on our website and YouTube.

  • 1st Place: $500
  • 2nd Place: $300
  • 3rd Place: $200


1. Produce a video that meets the following criteria:

  • Uses a story telling format, raises awareness around a social justice issue, and inspires others to act for systemic change
  • Shares your motivation to take action and lessons learned
  • Explores how Catholic Social Teaching or Social Justice or Interfaith teachings informs your action

2. Eligibility:

  • High School Juniors and Seniors(individual and group submissions)

3. Technical Requirements:

  • 3-5 min in length, excluding title frames, and credits
  • Title frame(s) must include title of the video, names of the creators, school/parish/organization, city, and state
  • Credits must appear at the end
  • Entrants must comply with technical and all other requirements of Youtube.com

4. Judging Criteria: A panel of judges will evaluate submissions based on the following criteria and percentages:

  • 20% – Meets the objectives listed
  • 40% – Clearly tells the story of your work, informs the audience, and invites them to take action
  • 15% – Video Attributes: effective use of transitions/editing, titles, organization, clear visual and sound quality, and the video falls within 3-5 minute time range excluding credits
  • 25% – Creativity: dynamic and engaging content; am I moved to act?


By submitting an entry I/we agree that:

  • My/our entry is original work and does not contain copyrighted material
  • IPJC is entitled to free use of part or all of video entry
  • Content will not include anything contrary to Catholic Social Teaching
Tips: 5 things to keep in mind

1. Plan – Consider a plot/script/story board: an exposition (background info), rising action, climax or crisis, falling action and a resolution.

2. Use a tripod or another device to keep your camera still and without movement that is not intentional.

3. Keep your audio track clean – clear and clean audio is 50% of your video! This can be difficult without professional microphones and sound equipment. When filming in a house, make sure all stereos and televisions are turned off. When outside, try to film away from highways and construction. Background noise can be distracting!

4. Mix it up – Review a newscast, short film, music video and more. Pay attention to how they use video to tell a story. You want to have variety in what you are portraying, to keep the viewer interested and engaged. Try to make a few different “cuts” of your video, and camera views, show them to friends and family, and ask their opinion. This is where your creativity will shine.

5. Subtitles – sometimes clear audio is just impossible, if so consider the use of subtitles. Be sure to carefully read your subtitles and don’t make the text too big or too small!


Please contact us at ipjc@ipjc.org or call 206.223.1138